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How to Become a Member

Membership at Iron Lore Gym is by invitation only. If you’re interested in joining, please submit the application form.

Membership Options

  1. Regular Monthly Membership
    • Price: $125/month
    • Commitment: Minimum of three months
    • Cancellation Policy: After the initial three-month period, members can cancel anytime.

    **Couples Membership Rate: Add your spouse for an additional $60/month, making the total monthly membership only $185 plus GST for the two of you.**

  2. Day/Week Pass Membership
    • Initiation/Setup Fee: $100 (includes keyfob)
    • Pass Options:
      • Day Pass: $30 (valid for one day)
      • Week Pass: $100 (valid for one week)
    • Payment: E-transfer to activate the keyfob as needed.

At Iron Lore, we value our members’ commitment, and these policies ensure a positive experience for everyone.

Application Form

Kindly provide a photograph of yourself to confirm your membership. You may conveniently snap a selfie using your mobile phone or upload an existing photo.

Medical Details

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